GiftCard Mart's Volume Partner Program

Do you average $1250/month in gift card sales?

Then you likely qualify for our Volume Partner ("Bulk Seller") program.

What's makes our Volume Partner Program worth writing about?

  • We reward volume, loyalty and you: GCM offers the first fully customizable selling platform supporting individualized rates on every brand. For every seller.
  • We gladly accept 97% of our Gift Card brands electronically!
  • Hate getting left out to dry when other exchanges abruptly drop their payout rates? Take advantage of our 'Time of Purchase" guarantee and you won't be penalized for market swings.
  • Check still lost in the mail? Not here. Only no-hassle, free Electronic Funds Transfers so you'll never wonder where your cash is.
  • Easy to use card input module with CSV mass-upload functionality.
  • Need to ship some cards to us? Postage is on us when you ship in accordance with our Shipping Guidelines.
  • A personal Account Manager who can help you with (almost) anything!
  • We're in this for the long haul, so we'll hook you up when you throw us a bone. Pretty much our version of the Golden Rule.

Our Volume Partner ("bulk seller") Program is not open to everyone, and the very minimum requirements are as follows;


  1.           You must permanently reside in the United States and be a US Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident or possess a valid visa in one of the following categories: (
  2.           Following acceptance into the program, you must submit selling orders $1250.00 (face value) during you first 21 days of being accepted as a bulk seller. Volume Partners who sell to us on a somewhat consistent basis are given the highest payout percentages.
  3.           You must be eligible for a Dwolla personal/business account and agree to receive payment via Dwolla EFTs (To Register for a Dwolla account, please visit:
  4.           You must pass a Knowledge Based Authentication questionnaire rendered by our third-party Risk Research/Management partner.
  5.           You must possess a valid Federal or State-issued government photo Identification Card. Acceptable forms of a government-issued Photo ID include:
    •             State Identification Card
    •               State Driver’s License
    •               US Military ID Card (CAC)
    •               US Military dependent’s ID Card
    •               US Passport or US Passport Card
    •               Permanent Resident Card
    •               Some Native American Tribal ID Cards

Ready to Apply? Have any questions? Check out our Volume Partner ("bulk-seller") program overview (Link) and if you want to apply, click Sell Cards and signup for an account and an Account Manager will contact you to arrange your phone interview.

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