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“Whitelist” Brands Agreement for Volume Partners (“Bulk Sellers”)

In order to sell restricted (“whitelist”) brands with GiftCard Mart, we would like to advise our Volume Partners of the elevated risk intrinsic to these brands. Currently, “whitelist” brands are limited to; iTunes, Zappos, Uber, Groupon, Google Play, Stubhub, Amazon & Playstation. However, this list is subject to revisions as necessary and your agreement here constitutes your agreement with all future Whitelist agreements.

While these are popular cards to sell to GCM, it is absolutely essential that you trust your source for these cards because it is near impossible, (if not completely impossible) to validate these cards upon submission.

*Do not buy Whitelist brands from someone you do not know and trust*

All of our Volume Partners that desire to sell a whitelist brand must acknowledge and agree to the following policy;

If there is an issue with a card once it has been purchased, we will initiate an investigation and you will be debited from a future payout until the dispute is resolved. However, retaining purchase documentation of your cards will greatly assist us in resolving the dispute in your favor. Further, if any of your “whitelist” cards are determined to be fraudulent or already redeemed, your seller privileges may be suspended or revoked at our sole discretion and our standard "replacement fee" will apply.

Submission Instructions:

After submitting your Whitelist cards via the selling portal, you must send all Whitelist card images/scans/links to us within 5 minutes of your selling order submission; your submission(s) cannot be processed until we receive them.

Send all required card images/scans/links to: - You must also reference your selling order number in the subject line (starts with S1000).

Submitting Physical Whitelist Cards:

As of February 19th, 2019, Physical iTunes Gift Cards should be submitted in accordance with our standard Whitelist rules, rather than shipping them to GCM.

For all physical Whitelist cards, you must submit an image of the whitelist card. (We suggest using the free phone App “Camscanner” available for Apple and Android phones.)

  • Each card image must be clear, legible and on its own page, though the document may have multiple pages.
  • When submitting multiple card images, the image sequence of your Whitelist submission must match the sequence as they appear in your selling order.

Submitting Electronic Whitelist Cards:

Please right-click on the link to open the code (“View My Code”/”Get Code”) and paste the link into a single email referencing the selling order number in the subject line. Please repeat this for all whitelist cards in a single selling order. We should receive no more than one email per selling order and that one email will contain multiple hyperlinks for us to verify the cards with. If your eCards do not have hyperlinks, you may individually forward the emails, but you must edit the subject line to match the selling order.


Starting May 7th, 2018, failure to follow these instructions may result in one or more of the following:

  1. Cancellation of your entire selling order;
  2. A $1.00 or 1% payout rate deduction per Whitelist card submitted, whichever is greater;
  3. Suspension of your privileges to sell Whitelist brands;
  4. Suspension of your selling privileges.

We intend to use funds collected from this to both help defray additional processing costs and to reward sellers that correctly submit Whitelist brands, so we hope to make submitting Whitelist brands properly payoff, literally!

If you have any questions regarding our Whitelist Brands Guidelines, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

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