Seller's Guide

Q: How's it all work?

A: We recommend starting HERE to read over our Volume Partner program rules.

Q: How long does it take to get paid for my gift cards?

A: Typically, your cards will be validated and verified within 72 hours of your submission. Once your cards are verified, we will initiate your payout by ACH on the second Tuesday following this date. (If Tuesday falls on a Federally observed holiday, your payment will be processed on Wednesday instead.) Upon payment, we will notify you by email that payment has been sent.

Funds typically post to your account in 1-2 business days. 

If you haven't received your payment by the start of business Wednesday morning, please contact your account manager.

Please note: First-time sellers may be subject to an additional one-week delay. Please ask if you have questions.

Q: How will I get paid?

A: To keep our costs down and your payouts up, we send all of our payments via a direct Bank-Bank Electronic Funds Transfer known as ACH. Following acceptance into our Seller program, you will need to complete both of the below forms and return them to us before we can pay you.

As a reminder, you must be the named account holder on the account we send your payout to.

Q: I submitted Physical Gift Cards. How do I send my cards to you?

A: Please review our Shipping Guidelines for shipping best practices and to ensure your selling order receives a shipping reimbursement. If you are submitting physical iTunes cards, please see these special rules.

Q: What gift card brands do you accept?

A: Head over to our Sell Cards page and search for cards on the drop down list, but we're adding new brands all the time.

If you don’t see the card you want, there’s still a chance we’ll buy your card. Just email your Account Manager and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Please be mindful that many brands have minimum and maximum value restrictions that can be seen after selecting a brand in the seller portal. Even though there might may be a great deal on Domino's cards, no one buys $500 Domino's cards...hence, why there are minimum and maximum accepted values.

Q: Do you accept merchandise credits?

A: Almost always. However, some merchants have recently started tying merchandise credits to a State/Federal ID and we cannot accept these. We do not accept paper vouchers.

Q: What about shipping?

A: We will reimburse you a flat $3.00 for your shipping expenses when submitted in accordance with our Shipping Guidelines. Shipping reimbursements are disbursed approximately every 30-60 days.

Q: Are there any other special brand restrictions?

A: Yes. Some brands don't have any balance verification options absent redeeming the cards to your own account. We call these our 'Whitelist Brands' and the rules governing their sale can be found here: Whitelist Card Agreement

The current brands covered by our Whitelist Agreement are Amazon, Zappos, iTunes, Groupon, Google Play, Uber & Stubhub.

Q: Can I sell an unlimited amount of gift cards to you?

A: No. Unless otherwise agreed upon with your Account Manager or notated in a promotional offering, you are restricted to selling no more than either $2500 or $1000 of a single brand (or brand family) without receiving pre-approval. This helps us manage inbound inventory and supply gluts without resorting to an aggregate capacity based system. The $1000 limit applies if you did not sell $1250.00+ in the previous calendar month.

Q: How can I request a higher rate on a brand?

A: It depends. Thanks to our new website, we now have the ability to offer customized rates on every brand, to every seller; however, this new feature is still being developed and we are still experimenting with what criteria we will use to evaluate rate requests. So for now, please direct all rate requests to your Account Manager.

Please Note: Generally, we grant rate requests based on a combination of demonstrated Seller loyalty, volume of recent submissions and market conditions. 

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